Wednesday, December 9, 2015

HudsonTV19 hosted by Ricardo Aguirre; December 2015

HudsonTV19 is hosted by Ricardo Aguirre.  This episode features an interview with Colombian poet & civic leader, Rafael Palacios; as well as performances by Ruben D. Betancourt, Amos Duque, Luis Novoa; art by Sigfrido Duarte; art by Jose Acosta; a message from Alvin Ross; and an impromptu performance by Maxima Alerta.

Watch it now:

Sunday, October 25, 2015

New Host... New Episode!!!

HudsonTV19 introduces its new Host, Mr. Ricardo Aguirre.  The show aims to bring you the best coverage from NYC & NJ.  Mr. Aguirre studied at Universidad Central in Quito, Ecuador; Escuela Naval del Ecuador in Salinas; Escuela de Marina Mercante in Guayaquil; and photography, filming and editing in NYC.

He’s worked as a professional videographer and photographer since 1991.  Has performed as a voice over artist in commercials, TV shows, and documentaries.  Worked as a photographer and journalist for the newspaper “La Voz”; as well as in special poetry presentations on Radio WADO in NYC.

The new episode for November 2015 features performances and interviews with one of the best musical groups from Cuba, Maxima Alerta, and the groups director Ray Machado, as well as its members.  Also a performance by renowned Dominican singer, Fernando Villalona.